10 Benefits of Supporting a Small-Scale Farm in Your Community

The onsite farm at Terakee will focus on small-scale agricultural practices and methods, to ensure the health of the land and to promote what we believe to be a more sustainable approach to food production. This has many asking, what is small-scale agriculture? How is it different from the larger farms commonly seen all over the country? What are the benefits?

Our approach to small-scale agriculture prioritizes holistic farming methods, specifically a permaculture oriented method, where an emphasis is placed on simulating or carefully utilizing natural ecosystems. The use of hand tools whenever necessary, no chemical fertilizers and a priority placed on growing a diverse assortment of produce, flowers and herbs are also part of our small-scale farming operation at Terakee.

By not over using or exploiting the land and soil, small-scale farming andĀ permaculture contribute to the overall health of the land, environment and the community where the farm is located. Crops are grown on a smaller piece of land, and rotated to create a system that is self sustaining. The crops grown on a small-scale farm are sold directly to the consumer, within, or in close proximity to, the community.

10 Benefits of supporting small-scale agriculture

  1. A deeper connection to where your food comes from
  2. You know your farmer personally
  3. Access to a diverse assortment of seasonal, nutritionally dense produce
  4. Direct support and benefit to the local economy
  5. Opportunities to connect with other community members
  6. No harsh chemicals or fertilizers to avoid
  7. Healthier soil, water and air to enjoy
  8. A resilient local food system, bringing more food security directly to you and your neighbors
  9. Reduced carbon footprint
  10. Educational opportunities in nutrition, farming, at-home gardening, cooking and more, available to you and your family

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